July 2010 Snippets

1. After graduation in June 2010, I went for Eurotrip covering Berlin (Germany), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Sarajevo & others (Bosnia Hercegovina), Budva & Tivat (Montenegro) and Albania. All of the trip costs no more than RM 2000.

2. It was a great last trip for me as a student. I always enjoyed Balkan countries, I already got bored with central and western Europe. They’re expensive and overrated. Things can be quite same from Austria to France.

3. It’s exotic and less traveled by many. The beaches, the unique old town, little garden in every house, mediterranean food, relaxing pace of life. I wont forget their fruits: grapes, kiwis, figs, pomegranate, apricots, nectarines, peaches, raspberries, cherries, oranges etc etc etc.


Figs – I love them at the moment its skin touched my tongue…

Grilled squid – great and quite cheap mediterranean cuisine

4. Bosnia and Montenegro are very popular for their sports activities. In Bosnia I went for four-hour rafting by Neretva River (35 euros) and hiking to see a great waterfall on the top of the hill (20 euros). Beautiful mountain flowers can be seen.

Rafting in Neretva

5. But I was quite disappointed with sports activities and excursion companies in Montenegro. They are overpriced and overrated. Parasailing (25 euros) is only 5 minutes on the air, paragliding (60 euros) is like 12 minutes. We also went to Albania with group tour for 35 euros, but it was disappointing. The tour guides were very rushing from one place to another. Very little time to buy souvenirs and take good photos.

Preparing for paragliding on a Montenegrin hill

6. Albania is the birthplace of mother Teresa. We even went to her birth city, Skoder. Her statue was there, but as I said, the tour guides were rushing so we couldn’t know even a bit of her history there. Tirana, its capital is under construction. What was even more disappointing was that the bus was so lousy there was practically very little air conditioning.

Albania under construction – it’s ok to mark presence here, but I won’t come back

7. I won’t say Montenegro is totally bad. Budva is a very happening town nobody should miss when going to Montenegro. Kotor is good as well. Everybody who goes to Montenegro must check out its beaches. Those who speak Russian very well will find that speaking Russian in Budva is probably much easier than speaking English because 80% of the tourists in Budva are Russians. Russians are trying to buy some properties all around Montenegro and many Montenegrins speak Russian better than English, so speaking Russian is quite the advantage.

Big ship crossing around the Island of Perast

Swimming and taking pictures underwater are quite fun too!

8. What I don’t like about Montenegro airport is that it’s probably still controlled by Serbs who still have prejudice to the Muslims. Women who wears headscarf will have to take it off and being treated rudely by the security. The sexy Russian ladies on the other hand, were flirted with and can just pass security very easily.

9. Right now I’m blogging from home in KL and I expect to start working by next month or so. I’m actually very excited to start working and experince all the good and the bad of being a houseman. I just hope I have the energy and power to survive.

10. A very good and close friend of mine is coming very soon and will take a ride around my new transformer for the time being.


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