The must-dos after graduation


1. For Mara students, see Puan Shahidah at Bahagian Penganjuran Pelajaran (3rd floor) to give your certified copies of your degree and transcript.

2. At the same time, you have to apply for “elaun akhir pengajian”.

3. Give everything you want to claim to her.

4. Then you have to go to Bahagian Kawalan Kredit (3rd floor) to reduce your loan to 1%. You must give a certified copy of your degree and transcript.


1. I’m sure many people have been interviewed. So, just tell your name to the front desk clerk (at 6th floor block C7 Putrajaya) and you’ll have to fill in some forms.

2. After a few minutes your surat pelantikan as government servants will be given. Congratulations, you’re officially a government servant.

3. The clerk will give you some more forms to fill in, but that is for when you are called by Ministry of Health and start working. You need to do some medical check up, sign Aku Janji etc.


1. MMC (2nd floor block E1) took quite a long time (1.5 hours for me) and there were lots of aspiring doctors when I was there. You must print the provisional registration forms online and fill them up. Give all you certified copies of surat beranak, IC, degree, transcript, SPM and postal order of RM20 to the front desk.

2. The postal order can be done at Bank Islam in Anjung, just a nearby building (3 minutes walk from MMC). The cheque should be given to Pendaftar Pengamal Perubatan or Registrar of Medical Practitioners.

3. Wait till you are called, or do like me, I went to prayer and Kementerian Kesihatan to apply for posting.

4. When everything is done at the MMC, the personnel in charge will give you three copies of a letter that you’re already provisionally registered and are allowed to practice. One copy is for you, another copy is for the hospital which you’re gonna work in. Just let the personnel send the third copy to Kementerian Kesihatan.

Kementerian Kesihatan

1. At Kementerian Kesihatan (block E7), go up to 9th floor, find Human Resources and unit pengurusan dan profesional.

2. Ask someone at that unit for posting application for housemanship. They will give you a form to fill in.

3. Choose 3 hospitals of your liking and state the reasons. Please be forewarned that the lady who was in charge said that KL and Selangor are hotspots for aspiring doctors and are almost full, so those who apply for Klang Valley hospitals most probably won’t get it and will be sent to Sabah and Sarawak. She advised that if you do not want to be posted that far, at least apply for some other places in Peninsula (e.g. instead of HKL, HUKM and Hospital Selayang, better make it HKL, Hospital Temerloh and Hospital Seremban – unless you don’t mind practicing in Sabah and Sarawak)

4. Hand in also your certified copy of IC, SPM and degree, plus a passport-sized photo.

Wait for the induction letter and happy practicing!

4 thoughts on “The must-dos after graduation

  1. Salam. I will be starting the final year of my medical studies in a bit and at the same time, I’m prepping myself mentally for what’s next – being a HO. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now btw.

    If you don’t mind me asking, which hospital are you at right now? Do you have any recommendations (from personal experience or from other colleagues) to as which hospitals are good to do HO training? Really hope to hear back from you. 🙂

    Ramadhan Kareem bro 🙂

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