Pattern of disrespect by Tune Hotels?

1. Being a customer of Kota Damansara Tune Hotels, I have observed a pattern of disrespect which has been shown by their management.

2.  Tune Hotels are very cheap in their room prices. So, customers have to pay extra for air-condition, towels, hairdryer and television.

3. The price of television is RM10 per day. I admit using it for free, using my own cable with the electricity they provide. They provide electricity and I use my own cable. For them, what I did was illegal.

4.  So what they did was obstruct the place of cable so that I can’t use it anymore. And the next day they took out the TV from the room. Of course there was room cleaning service, but that is done when we put the sign “DO NOT DISTURB”. This means they already violated my privacy.

5. I understand totally that use of TV must be paid, but I simply use the electricity they provide. There’s nowhere said in Kota Damansara Tune Hotels rules that we can’t (I did ask for the rule book). For all I know, I can bring my own plasma TV, fridge, PC, radio etc.

6. But the management disagrees.

7. It seems that RM10 of purchase is much more valuable to them than their customer’s privacy.

8. I confronted the management to not come into the room without permission. But they came in anyway. No apologies received whatsoever, though. I called their call center to complain. They’re useless. I have no choice but to make police report.

9. I gave a copy of the police report to Kota Damansara Tune Hotels  management, but they still won’t apologize.

10. It really seems that they do not respect their customers.  Their management and legal department  are probably gonna screw with me. I did ask them to give free TV entertainment for the rest of my stay for their disrespectful behavior. I guess I won’t get it since I cannot even get an apology for intrusion of privacy.

11. It really seems that corporate greed makes people hard to apologize or respect their customers.

12. To them, customer’s privacy is cheaper than RM10.


2 thoughts on “Pattern of disrespect by Tune Hotels?

  1. omg…. i was about to book the hotel last night.. but when i read this.. it was horrible.. there’s n0 way i’m gonna stay there..! thanx 4 the inf0 though…

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