Induction course

1. Every medical graduate has to undergo induction program before working at the hospital. This induction is to introduce government personnels (medical officers) to how the government operates.

2. The food and hotel room are free (paid by government). The traveling, the toll and parking can be claimed later at the hospitals where we work.

3. On the first day, they give out the placement results late at night. As I have observed, the hall was full of phone calls; some were screaming happily and some were sad and crying. Some 30 people (out of 97) didn’t like what they got so they appealed. The appeal was written that night and was sent to the personnel in charge. The results were received at the end of the 5-day induction.

4. Some of the programs and talks were great, some were not. Biro Tata Negara (BTN) especially, is a good patriotism program, but somehow there was a bit racist overtone by one of the speakers. Some speakers were neutral in their stand, but still managed to instill patriotism to all of us. There was also a show about how we got Merdeka (the show was great actually). BTN is also more serious than other programs because it has exam at the end of the day.

5. Among many talks, I was most interested in money talks, especially salary, allowances and claims. Let me tell ye the emolument as a medical officer grade UD41.

Gaji P1T6 = RM2458.33

Elaun kritikal = RM750

Elaun tetap perkhidmatan awam = RM300

Elaun  perumahan = RM250

Elaun COLA = RM100 – 300 (RM300 in KL)

Elaun on-call = RM100 per call

We are on P1T6 (P stands for peringkat, T stands for tahun), meaning we are paid like those who are working for six years. Next year P1T7, which is about RM100 extra. Alhamdulillah… The salary movement starts on the first day of induction, which means I was paid RM135 daily to listen to people talking relentlessly the whole day while I snore at the back of the hall due to awesome tiredness.

6. There’s also the issue of cuti. It is said that housemen are allowed 10 days of cuti per posting, but they made some explanation that says it’s only 8 days. Well, a guy explained about Golden Handshake. A person who accumulates cuti of 150 days till the day before retirement is entitled to RM200,000++ upon retirement! Now that’s a Golden Handshake!

7.  I was against KWSP at first, but right now I’m considering it. Our contribution is 8% of salary, which is RM197 a month. The government will contribute 12% of our salary into the KWSP which is RM295. Many doctors choose KWSP because they might go to private sector later on. This is a must for medical officers for at least three years. But for those who choose pension scheme, they can choose after three years, but all the government contributions for the past three years will be taken back by the government.

8. Well, you might say that I am too concerned about money and working not to serve the sick, but for money. I disagree. I am just good with numbers.

9. It’s adult life, but I always have to turn to the ultra-thick textbooks, like the old student days.  It’s nice if we don’t have to pay taxes like students as well.

8 thoughts on “Induction course

  1. Hi there.. I am curious to know, can you please explain..
    What is Elaun COLA?
    From what time to what time housemans work?
    On on-calls, how many hours extra?
    Saturday&Sunday counted on the numbers of cuti allowed ka?
    How many postings are there for the 2 years housemanship?
    Thank you.

    • COLA is elaun sara hidup
      Housemen work from 7am-5pm unless on call, but in tagging period 7am till 10pm..
      Donno about Saturday and Sunday
      6 postings – medical, surgical, pediatric, O&G, A&E, orthopedic

  2. hi..nicely written blog..saje je search n finally found ur bog..gudluck for ur housemanship training..btw, which hospital u get? probably we r in d same hosp? i already 2 months in medical department, hosp manjung.

  3. Hi, do you have info on salary of HO in Sabah or Sarawak? Am considering Johor or Sabah. Will have to fill in the paper end of this year (2011). Thx for any info.
    Cheers. -Lazy bum-

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