Tagging (2)

It’s already so tiring.

Here’s the stimulating words  from our Head of Department to MOs:

If it isn’t for the law, I’d take a hammer and hit every one of you so that you can learn. Or die trying…

You all don’t stimulate me, I have to make a brain masturbation to stimulate myself. Watching my daughter play PS2 is much more stimulating than being in rounds with you.

Why bother medical MOs what you can think of yourselves? I’d understand if you don’t know diabetes or hypertension. But if you don’t know sepsis, there’s nothing else for you the surgery MOs to do here

You cant think, you cant cut, your complication rates are high anyway. I will tear you Master students into pieces…

Those words are for the MOs. It’s not that I’m happy that my direct superiors are being scolded, but if all this tiring days tagging make me feel like wanna open up my options to other career choices besides being medical officers or medical specialists.  Are we gonna be treated this horribly all life? Or is it just a phase?

Workload is not much, I can take some scolds once in a while, but I dowanna be psychiatrically depressed or insane like other houseman. Need break once in a while. Just wanna off tagging…

Right now Merdeka Day, I have to tag in the ward till 10pm everyday till don’t know when, but still taking a break for my own physical and mental health. Doctors who can’t take care of themselves can’t take care of patients.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka and Salam Ramadhan…


4 thoughts on “Tagging (2)

  1. ‘You all don’t stimulate me, I have to make a brain masturbation to stimulate myself’ lol!!!..sounds like nasty Dr House comment.hes like all the surgeon i met! mean and arrogant.those working this department need to have ear harder than diamond so that x terbakar listening to their complaints.haihs.why la they r like that..x paham tol.

  2. Salam Faiz dear, tagging memang susah, kena pulak di bulan puasa. Betul kata kawan mama what makes you interest in a career option is how your MO or specialist treat you. Do your HO gracefully and take your choice. Good Luck

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