Weekend snippet

I am currently at the middle of my first posting, surgery. I gained confidence in managing patients, more than I did when I was tagging. I have moved from ward to ward, and I find my current ward very chaotic and unorganized. Staff nurses are just not so helpful or efficient, unlike in the previous wards.

Say if a houseman wanna do wound debridement/desloughing, taking sample of blood C&S,  or insertion of CVP line, they really don’t know what to get. Had to ask one by one “where’s the needle?” “where’s the syringe?” “where’s the dressing kit?” “where’s the green towel?”… We had to do everything on our own, an worse, this surgical ward does not even have latex gloves! Even the anest, who has nothing to do with the wards is complaining how the nurses can’t anchor endotracheal tube. Duh, will stop bitchin’ about the nurses.

My current ward is also being visited by high profile personnel, because of some child of some patient throwing tantrums in the OT. A minister and somebody from the oppositions visited the patient in the ward. I don’t know what’s the purpose, but like my HOD said “as if the minister can do the surgery?”

So far, I learn many surgical cases, mostly vascular and breast & endocrine, and some general cases. I can say that I am quite familiar with many vascular and B&E cases that if somebody puts me in district hospital, the things I can manage are limb ischemia, infected stumps, limb amputations, AAA, fistula creation, breast cancers and thyroid diseases. Come hemorrhoids, peritonitis, patients with jaundice, I couldn’t handle in district hospital hehe…

Life has its ups and downs. Will be finishing my first posting in a few weeks, have to learn so much more! Tomorrow (Sunday) is my on-call day, many patients will be admitted because of their scheduled operations on Monday, so I hope learn a lot.

P/S: I am so jealous my colleague in sixth posting has become MO already… Congratulations. MO doesn’t have to come to work at 7am or be in the warzone ward that often, and the salary is even better, but the responsibilities are much more and if you are screwed, duh… hehe 🙂

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