Not so good houseman

The Star yesterday made a big issue out of houseman (Houseman glut). Too many houseman, they say.

It is somewhat true. In my ward, there can be as little as 13 patients and as many as 18 houseman in charge of the ward! Lucky some have to go to clinic, OT, doing census etc. How can we learn if we are in charge of only 1 patient? Even in Sabah and Sarawak they already complained about a lot of Houseman.

And I could not assist as many appendectomies as I hoped for. I assisted more open AAA cases than appendectomies, seriously! The only good thing to do is to be a tagger or on call. Only that way, two houseman will be in charge of the ward and forced to learn a lot.

One of my specialist said “When I was a houseman, I was one of the slow and blur ones. What I did was going back home late, and even after I went  home, I came back to the hospital to learn the patients. If you have enough sleep, eating enough, a lot of time for yourselves, you’re not a good houseman.”

And one of the Jonah MO said “5 years ago, I did EOD oncalls for four months during my housemanship. And they were only two houseman in charge of each ward. So a houseman can either be oncall or post-call. Imagine doing that for four months, only 3 weeks before finishing my surgery posting I got another tagger. And I had to be extended just to teach the tagger. I brought discharge summaries home to finish them. When I reached the apartment, I realized that my bread and planta turned black”

Seriously, I don’t know how they did it. This weekend, I managed to enjoy two movies in cinema, attended wedding of a high school friend, doing some heavy shopping and spent time with my family. Err….

Let’s be hardworking doctors, shall we?



3 thoughts on “Not so good houseman

  1. you should asked them back…you managed the patients alone…you go back working must be damn tired…

    if they said NONE..they are just LIAR..
    one person can’t work alone…there is nothing proud about it..
    i was working alone as a HO 5 yrs ago in Tawau, Sabah..
    it was no people to guide MO’s were imported from bangladesh..they are LOOSER and damn stupid..
    medical ward there is worse…Tawau people says you go to the hospital to die rather than to get better
    i’m really regretted working there ……
    better see less patients but you treat them IN and OUT..rather than treat 100 patients but treat them “cincai”

    those days the people were damn stupid..they think doctors were GOd..
    but now it’s different..people knows their right and off course they will lodge complains and sue the hospitals after something bad happens

  2. agakla…

    i was doing a study for my specialist and when i was reading the old files 6-10 years ago, i discovered the clerking were really cincai…

    thats how they did it last time keke

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