End of surgery posting

For four months:

1. I assisted in 60 operations, from as big as ruptured AAA to as little as I&D.

2. More exposed to vascular and B&E cases. Didn’t learn much of this in med school.

3. The procedures like CBD insertion, desloughing wounds, trucut biopsy, which seem so hard at first and took hours now seems so light and kinda fun thing to do.

4. Although they repeatedly complain of too many of us, they still find us useful. Without us houseman, the MOs and specialists wont run the clinic as fast, they won’t get early lunch breaks.

5. My last on-call in surgery was totally jonah. The superjonah MO again “attracted” two ruptured AAA cases. Lucky those patients went to ICU instead of the wards.

6. Must memorize the patients in and out. No flipping of patient’s tickets. This has proven to be very tough.

7. One simple thing undone would be a big slap to your face.

8. Colonoscope takes 30 minutes. Some specialist’s appendicectomy may take 1.5 hours. Gastrectomy 6 hours. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy almost always convert to open and it took more than two hours. Ok maybe they’re doing it “properly”, as colonocscope in russia is less than 10 minutes, appendectomy less than 40 minutes, gastrectomy about 3 hours and I remember my teacher completed laparoscopic cholecystectomy during medical student’s lunch break of 40 minutes.

9. MOs (Master students) shall always present the case when consultants are doing rounds. They must impress the big boss. Like us houseman, they too receive a big slap in the face as always 😉

10. Seriously I won’t want to repeat my housemanship in this posting again. MOship, yes I would like to. But not housemanship.

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