And a Happy New Year…

And a Hapy New Year 2011 to my fellow blog readers. Just feel like blogging now after new year celebration. Quite busy with lots of stuffs the past few weeks; tagging 5 days (Thank God that’s over!), EOD calls, and new year celebration.

Looking back at 2010, it’s already past. Now on to the new year with the new me. I have done at least majority of the stuffs in my wishlist in 2010. Now in 2011, I won’t dare wishing too much with all the general business of housemanship and working life.

How’s life in pediatric? Rather slow-paced. Culturally shocked because already used to work very fast and being scolded and punished a lot of times in my previous posting. Although the pediatric ward that I am in is considered one of the hellish ward among all general peds ward, I still feel fine and enjoying the posting (except the EOD calls).

Well, at least the EOD calls will make me learn a lot (so says mom and my specialists).

How does it compare to what I learnt in Nizhniy Novgorod? Well, here in general pediatric ward, we treat patients with bronchiolitis, bronchopneumonia, acute pharyngitis, febrile fits, acute gastroenteritis, viral fever, nephrotic syndrome, dengue fever, thyphoid fever, ITP etc. Yes, it’s a lot different from what I learnt in Nizhniy, especially on the approach.

But for a second poster or more senior, we catch up quite ok. Only first posters from foreign universities do struggle. I do hope they catch up also so that they can off tag and start doing calls to make my life happier.

Oh by the way, New Year 2011 celebration in Merdeka Square rocked awesome!~


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