Paediatric posting – after one month

1. Tiring. I am looking at 9 on-calls this month. This is my first time to have full weekend to myself, and I slept for 30 hours in total. Lucky our consultants do not allow EOD calls in pediatric.

2. Pediatric is not as mentally-torturing like surgery, but too many works to do and I always go home at 7pm.

3. Once there were 4 houseman and we worked like crazy. Now 11, I can breathe finally.

4. Peripheral postings like nephrology, hemato/oncology and respiratory are nice breaks from general posting, where the patients turnover is crazy.

5. What we learned in Nizhniy probably not so similar to here, but it’s kinda easy to catch up anyway. You’d be surprise what new things I learnt about bronchial asthma that I didn’t learn back there.

6. It really is weird to me. Too many houseman, fine. But can they (the MOs and specialists) go home at 5pm without us doing the work for them? Don’t blame us for “too many houseman” or “poor quality med school”. Just because you don’t have balls to voice up to the policymakers up there , does not mean you can victimize us the underlings. You can be hard on us for us to learn, but that should be it.

7. There are not only too many houseman. Too many specialists too! Somehow, I am in the believe that becoming a pediatrician is kinda easy hehe…

8. Grand ward rounds are rounds with the superconsultant of the ward, whereby the houseman must present the patients in and out, knowing all our patients without flipping the notes. It’s always been hard, and it’s always brutal. Imagine standing 4 hours for the rounds and being criticized in the process.

9. Yes I learn a lot in this posting. But if u ask me, do I enjoy it? Hmm…

10. MO to child “Adik nak jadi apa besar2 nanti?“. Child to MO “Nak jadi doktor.” MO to child “Tak payahla jadi doktor. Jadi misi lagi best, dapat banyak cuti. Bos doktor pun garang-garang je.” Yes I need long break from children please…

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