Life being a doctor is tough, not because of the harsh bosses (hey, I lived in Russia, the bosses in Malaysia are just like tamed cats compared to what I had faced). But because of the time. Working hours are long and hectic, things can become unexpected. In the end,  you spend less time to yourself, family, friends but more time to strangers.

If you’d ask any doctor, I can guarantee that 60% of them won’t recommend you to be a doctor. It’s noble of course to help vulnerable strangers in need of medical help. But too much of a good thing is also tiring. Sometimes they just won’t listen, not compliant to our education, always want doctor to take care of them instead taking care of themselves. I would wanna shout swear words sometimes but that’s not allowed.

If we fall sick, bosses won’t care so much. Government won’t give a shit (they’re not doing enough), especially for prevention of this so-called sharp injuries.  What more we bring back home infections to those near us. Sleep-deprived state when driving and all that some more.

If I’m offered a job which pays just as much or little bit more (not including taxes), with more perks, work includes traveling abroad, less working hours and more holidays I would give a fart to medicine right away and not turning back. I can speak extra language, I have a good, solid degree, I have excellent marketable skills, why wouldn’t I?

But I’m afraid I would miss medicine and its hectic life.

It’s just after 6 months of housemanship and I guess one of the ramblings has to be there…

One thought on “Lifestyle

  1. he Darling, bersabar.. get over all these and see what you love or loath to do. Mama doakan Faiz dipermudahkan segala urusan. berdoa dgn ayat qursi dan doa yang faiz biasa.. semoga Allah memberi petunjuk kepada Faiz. Ameen

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