Pediatric’s dark side

Alhamdulillah todayI finished general peds posting with three assesments. Yesterday was the grand ward round with the superconsultant (you knowla, the membebel type). Usually for each patient in acute cubicle she  spends 30-45  minutes for each acute patient. Yesterday, I presented one acute case, and it took only 10 minutes. With this superconsultant, she wants certain ways of presentation. She never ask which uni we graduate from. If we houseman present badly, she will ask which university we graduated from. If she asks that, means she marks us as weak (trust me, no houseman would want that!). I can say that local grads and foreign grads have had equal chances of “revealing” which uni they graduated from to this superconsultant. And lucky for me, I never “revealed” which uni I was from… 🙂

Yes, there are some specialists who mark the foreign graduates as weak houseman whose standard are far below. But eh ello, this week I have just seen that a Ukrainian tagger clerks a lot of cases and takes care of 7 patients, and local taggers REFUSE to clerk cases, take care of one patient each and even went missing for THREE hours. Ingat dah bagus sangat ke tu? I don’t knowla why the hell do these bloody specialists think so high of these local grads. One of them even yelled at the staff nurses refusing to clerk new patient, then MO came and shouted back to her for her bullshit attitude.

Well, I have heard much worse stories of how specialists discriminate  foreign graduates (especially Russian/Ukrainian) in other hospitals. In the hospital where I work, it’s not so bad at all. The specialists treat us by posting seniority instead. A 5th poster (regardless of which graduate) can follow rounds to ICU and HDW while the junior ones stay in the normal ward.

The other thing in peds that I don’t like about is the parents.  They come in late at night, adding work to us houseman, next day wanna discharge! BODOOHHHHH!!!!! Yang aku paling sakit hati bila diorang cakap “asyik kerja tulis dan cucuk je”. WOI MAK YANG TAK BERTANGGUNGJAWAB, did you go to medschool isn’t it? Febrile fit, still fever, you wanna go home that soon? Kalau dah nk keluar sangat janganla masuk! Ini tak, masuk tengah malam tambah kerja houseman sbb nak dapat emergency leave dari kerja esok harinya. Responsible motherla sangat! Aku nak korek je bijik mata kau bagi anjing makan.

Well my simple expressions as goodbye to general peds 🙂 Starting SCN (still in peds posting) tomorrow.

Never wanna be a pediatrician!

12 thoughts on “Pediatric’s dark side

  1. haha congrates faiz cepat je rasa ur alrdy done with your 2nd posting.
    takpelah i guess i’ve to double triple the effort to make myself a safe doctor!:)

  2. some people might think i’m wrong in this.
    if a doctor needs to do his job, moms should back off, not being hysterical in bilik rawatan while houseman setting line or taking blood.
    if moms cannot trust houseman, there are always second opinions from Mos and specialists. If to consultant also they yell, I donno whatto say lah.

    let me be clear i’m not generalizing all local grads are lazy and all foreign grads are hardworking. I’m just confused why the specialist generalize all local grads are good and hardworking and all foreign grads are lousy and lazy.

    • true enough.. some mothers can over react to the extent of being simply annoying.. but its a motherly instinct…try asking ur mummy whether u’ve been hospitalised before…how did she feel?

      and yes..generalization of local and overseas grads is a reality… not just in medic but in all other areas…..

  3. dude, sometimes mothers tend 2 b hysterical when their child get sick..sakit sikit pon diorg dah risau, wats more if their child got admitted..

  4. Normal parents hate to see their children cry or in pain. What’s more, it’s scary when they’re powerless to do anything. While some people are just a pain in the ass, you have to remember this when dealing with parents of sick children. We treat a lot of patients; for patients and their families, what they’re experiencing is a big and personal thing.

    While we cannot afford to treat patients personally, we should treat them as persons. Keep this in mind and Insya-Allah you’ll do fine as a healer.

    As for Ukranian grads, yes, as a whole there’s something lacking about the education system; however, there will always be good seeds and bad ones regardless where you graduate from.

  5. Haha, sometimes its hard for me to remember that you were here less than a year ago. time sure flies by…congrats Doc, you’re past your 2nd posting dy..
    so NNSMA grad would do ok in the work environment then?? I sure hope I won’t be the bad seed cuz I can just see the headlines now.. :p

  6. In fact, only Russian/Ukraine graduates are being discriminated. Because it’s true that some of them even don’t know how to take BP!!! (I’ve seen it with my eyes). This is their medical education system’s fault.

    (BTW, graduates from UK usually are very good in terms of knowledge and atitude)

  7. i was saying the exact same thing the other day.
    “I’m never gonna be a pediatrician” though i’m still in medschool lol.
    oversea student never should be look down upon, we should be treat as equally as local’s. but then again, Malaysian mind setting never change.

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