YESCARE never cares

I’m a user of YES 4G internet service since mid December 2010. Yes promises to be the fastest 4G internet with voice and is set for commercial launch on the 19th of November 2010. Yes claims to have speeds of 3 to 5 times faster than current 3G networks.

After one month of using YES 4G, somewhere mid January, this internet service started to make some problems. Somehow, my YES account kept hemorrhaging money, RM10, RM20 and RM30. I suspected someone has been hacking my account and used the money. I didn’t like what happened and I called Yescare, the supposedly efficient customer service. And they promised to investigate my case and they supposed to call me back after 2 days. Fine, no big deal, only two days without internet.

I called Yescare over and over again, just to speak to different customer service officers and to tell the whole story over and over again. It was so stressful for me that they didn’t keep a file of my complains that I have to keep retelling stories. And even one single call costs a lot! And what did they say? This case will be investigated, we will call you again after 1-2 days.

There were times that they didn’t call me back that I have to call Yescare again, speaking to a different personnel again, only to tell the whole story, again!

When I bugged them for a dozen times, only then one of the managers, Mr. Khan spoke to me. He said that me losing that much money has never ever happened before with any of Yes 4G customers. He said that my case is the first one in Malaysia (suppose I can receive an award for that!). He promised to investigate and call back after 4 days.

After 4 days without any internet, this Mr. Khan the manager never called me back. And as usual, I had to call Yescare, I spoke to a different personnel again and told the whole story again!

I asked, where did all my RM60 go? Finally they came to a conclusive investigation result after 10 days that I used all of it from my own account. I denied any use at certain dates and certain times which they claimed I was using. I didn’t download 20GB file in 30 minutes at 7am on a certain working day hello! (I’m a houseman, being in front of computer at 7am, crazy ah?)

I denied any use but they insisted it was from my account. I expressed my suspicion that other people might be hacking my account. When asked, they didn’t know the IP from which computer my account was being used. I asked for my money back, they said they won’t give a single cent back, because I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS HEMORRHAGING THE MONEY.

What conclusion can we get from the above story:
1. Yescare customer service is inefficient – wasting a lot of valuable time and money.
2. They’re not empathic or caring as the supposed personnels didn’t call as promised.
3. Their investigation takes lots of time. In the end, the customer is not satisfied anyway.
4. Corporate greed is infective. Even the new companies like YES 4G is affected. RM60 is obviously too much for them.

The story hasn’t ended just yet. There’s more to that. After admitting defeat to this corporate greed, I still continue using YES 4G (yea yea, I’m pathetic). I noticed some unexplained microhemorrhages in my account. I wanted to find some alternatives for my internet connection. However, I got interested to what Valuepack (one of YES 4G’s plans) had to offer.

So I excitedly purchased it as it claims to give me more savings compared to the normal plan. I purchased it for RM150 somewhere 3 days ago, and until now I don’t get this Valuepack product. I called the customer service, he said he’ll investigate and call me back and guess what? This case will be under investigation and he will call back after 2 days.

Now I wonder what’s the problem? I have the receipt of purchase. I have all the necessary codes. What I don’t have is only this Valuepack product in my account.

Is Yescare’s computer system so slow or so inefficient that they could not detect that I purchased something from their website? Or am I the black sheep for Yescare to continuously steal money from me?
To Yescare personnels, this is a long complain from me that you take oh so lightly. I know you are new and you probably have kinks here and there in your system. But please be empathic and caring, as you claim you are, YesCARE. Do not start off with the wrong attitude.

I am still going to use your internet because I find it is more expensive to install a new one. If I’m so fed up with you, I will gain a few dozen (hundreds? Thousands?) unsatisfied customers to rally in front of your headquarters in Bukit Bintang to kick your corporate greed assholes to humility.

If facebook can topple governments, it certainly can defeat you.

8 thoughts on “YESCARE never cares

  1. I signed up for Yes thinking it would be great too. Moved in to new house without alternatives. Got the rm1,000 package for huddle. Used up all credits within 3 months and cant quite believe it. Initially got decent speeds – then became inconsistent. House admittedly in ‘fringe coverage’ area.

    Now? A happy UniFi customer.

    Huddle looks pretty on my study shelves though… Switched off…

  2. Omg I have soooo much complaints on Yes as well!! At one point my balance was -RM52. How can a prepaid have a negative? They said it was some penalty. Blood pressure raised indefinitely hehe. Luckily I realised their error and they admitted it!! I let them off too easy. Sometimes the disparity of the usage and money forfeited is not balanced. Hehe. Glad Unifi is treating you well!

  3. YES from YTL is really lousy! The problems are never ending. They have a team of people who can speak really good English, but apart from that, nothing is else is good! Empty in the head – often giving wrong advice, or telling you that they will revert, and then disappear! I have such a long story (all bad) to tell about them!

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