Weekend oncall snippets


On this very nice saturday day and saturday night i am oncall labor room. Not doing the O&G call, but peds call to practice neonatal resuscitation, attending OT cases, attending babies refered by O&G, or attending babies refered by nurses in postnatal wards.

It’s not super busy or something but it’s just unexpected. Anytime we can get called to attend any baby. Even the O&G houseman who oncall with us are jealous because our calls are entertaining (ie watching series, playing iphone games, reading manga, chit chatting, ordering pizza).

I did resuscitate some babies and wanted to intubate a premature baby but my MO just proceeded with intubation. Oh dang, missed that chance.

One of them O&G houseman already completed her housemanship in dublin. By right, she should be MO already. But because of six postings system she still has to continue being a houseman in malaysia. From her story, she said that she used to cover 5 surgical wards alone during oncalls in dublin hospital. Damn that’s hardcore!

She said that the system in ireland is similar to malaysia. At the end of her work, although tired, she felt satisfied. Compared to malaysia, here is very tedious although got many houseman, so she claims. Specialists there back up the houseman blabla.

Salary there about €3000+ but the taxes are high. But the best thing is – oncall claims in dublin on weekdays are €250 per call, saturdays €700 and sundays €900. Dude! I so wanna go there and practice medicine.

Have a good weekend!

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