Weekend snippets

I am enjoying medical lately. Yeah right, you always complain in your fb status… Actually despite the complains, I am loving this posting. Why?

  • I passed my viva or known as exit exam for medical posting. The format of exam is just as same as the ones given back in medschool in Russia, but without the tickets of questions. There are three questions given on the spot by a panel of specialists. The most important question is ECG of course. And all managements must follow the CPG (clinical practice guideline).
  • I came back from Tioman island doing what I wanna do, travel and adventure. I danced with the sharks underwater, snorkeling and coral-awing, fish-feeding, playing with the jellyfish, tanning myself under the sun covered by coconut trees, stargazing at night, fishing by the jetty, eating fresh seafood, and most importantly, taking a break from my strenuous work. Yes that’s the life that I always long for.

I am a bit crazy underwater 🙂

  • I was posted in CCU (Coronary Care Unit) last week, in which I had a lot of fun working. The workload is much more, but I was the only HO there, so all the nurses were teaching and treating me well. The nurses there are super awesome, they taught me in preparation for my viva, especially on the management of acute myocardial infarction according to Malaysian Clinical Practice Guideline. I got to do a lot of procedures which I didn’t get to do in general wards. The rooms are air-conditioned, fully equipped, the patients are not as fussy, the relatives have to follow visiting-hours rules whether they like it or not, the MO and specialist were teaching me all the time. So yeah, probably cardio is my thing.
  • Right now I am posted in Physician’s Clinic or PC (but still have to do calls in general wards as usual), which is less tiring but so many patients to see in one day. I actually pity them that they had to wait from 8 till 12 to see a doctor. What to do, my hospital is always busy with nationwide referrals, and there were only two doctors (one HO and one MO) in each consultation room to see 50 patients everyday. What to do, patients who come to PC are always complicated. Very complicated cases must be seen by specialists, specialists are always busy with ward rounds and come only after 11am. Not fair to blame doctors for waiting so long, blame those who defaulted follow up and have to come on that particular day, blame those who are noncomplaint to meds and making doctors scratch their heads, blame those who requests letters for this and that… Yes, morning clinics doesn’t usually end till after 2 or 3 pm.
  • I love my on-calls lately, although Jonah (hell of an on-call), I have fun. My MOs trust my management. Usually when I see patients with my MOs, it only takes 2-3 minutes with minimal add-on plans (because I listed all the necessary management plans already). They trust me with procedures. They trust me to  teach the junior HOs. I am not a senior HO yet, but in medical a 3rd poster is kinda senior.
  • Come September, there will be no more calls, only shifts. I am very disappointed in the government, to cut cost, they’d do anything, even at the point of endangering patient care. It takes 10 years for them to approve doctors’ oncall claims, but it only took 2 months to cut off everything! Every shift, houseman has to passover medical report, which is going to be really bad for the patients. Wrong passover, patient dies. Rushed passover, patient dies. Passing over like crap, patient dies. What do you think oncalls are for? To ensure  the continuity of patient care, and to minimize passover damages because of bad communication. Does the government really think that the doctor’s passover is same easy like the nurses? Well, I thought at least there would be a room for debate in this issue, but our voices are not really heard anyway. They never took our input and just decided to make shift system on their own. They gathered us all and said – start September only shift system for houseman whether you like it or not, after only 2 months of trial in 3 hospitals. This is the autocratic government that you voted, PEOPLE! I foresee this shift system will be very chaotic as specialists and consultants will make noise till up above. So, dear doctors, nurses, specialists, patients and relatives, please be prepared for maximum damage and chaos come September.

Happy Ramadhan everyone! Have a blessed month…

7 thoughts on “Weekend snippets

  1. hi junior
    i love to read your blogs, speaks much of what’s inside of most of us really.keep on writing and u sure do get my support!

    dr nadia

  2. Hello.i m a fresh grad n i agree totally on ur thoughts on d shift system..dont mind d no oncal money but afraid i would learn less..omg.dreading to start work in september even more now..love ur blog n continue writing!

  3. Yup, there’s are pros n cons for the shift system. The pros is all the HO will have enough time to rest n ‘have a life’. The cons is, there would be lack of practices for the HO to repeat the same procedures, what i mean here is that to master all the clinical skills. well, to master all these skills, HO should repeat doing it right? n agree with u about the passover medical reports. when there’s miscomunication, eventually patients gonna die. Haih… dont mention about salary… so, dissapointing. I think, instead of changing the system, why dont the gov just raising up the payment. wouldnt that be nice. *sigh

  4. Efenem, when you sign the contract to be a houseman/doctor with Kementerian (assuming that there is a contract), what are the exit clauses like, i.e. is there a minimum amount of time that you have to work with the government before you can resign; how long do you have to submit a notice of resignation, etc. I ask this with the understanding that not completing a housemanship would mean no license to practice. Thank you!

  5. assalamualaikum

    i have a suggestion, how about if u gather few housemen to write up to newspaper in reader’s letter column-u can find those columns in berita harian, star, nst, etc…if many doctors complaining, the voices will be heard by the public and the public will realize the damage this new shift system will do on them.Eventually, the public are voters and surely the government will have to reconsider this new system. Aren’t the public(or those who like to publitise for own political purpose) is good to make out big issue? The noises will surely force the government to do something..
    …just a thought from my side…

    medical student

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