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Medical posting

Alhamdulillah after 4 excruciating excellent months, I finished my medical posting. This posting is the most educational of all postings, because the patient load is more, more procedures, more exposures. Being a houseman in one of the most notorious wards in the hospital, I can say I develop a love-hate relationship with medical. I have seen things; people dying, people collapsing, foul-smelling wounds, bodily fluids all over the ward, psycho people shouting all night and etc etc. I have done things; CPR till ribs crack, branula on almost every patient in the ward, running all over the place to cover 7 wards, restrained patients, clerked criminals and psycho patients. If I become MO I would tell my HO about all this proudly.

I was even considering for MRCP or masters in medical. In medical you can become a specialist at the age of 27, and consultant at 32 years old. Come to my hospital and you’ll see the specialists are much younger than you to the point that they look like med students. But i am not so sure if I want to go on to this road of specialization. I will think about it later.

Thankfully I learnt and did a lot of ward procedures. I will truly miss medical, but no, I do not wish to do housemanship in medical anymore, thank you (I wanna sleep on weekends).

Shift system

Supposedly my juniors will enter housemanship soon after raya. At that point of time, shift system is already put in place. I seriously don’t know how will they survive in the system. First posters from foreign universities are blur and slow, I know that because I was one of them. To start off with shift system is so much torture. They say shift system is about to give more rest time to houseman. Bullshit. Seeing a lot of patients in one shift and unable to execute all plans at the final hour of shift is pretty much a big stress. In the end, the rest time is greatly reduced because of post-shift stayback to carry out all plans and more time commuting from home to workplace. It’s not surprising that a 10-hour shift will turn to 16 hours.

Luckily for medical department in my hospital, they fight for no shift and they got it. It’s true, shift is a great danger to the patients. On the other note, the HOD said doctors will lose income if shift is implemented.

Postgraduate options 

I went to CUCMS for a talk on postgraduate options. The talk is very inspiring. If God willing, I would like to be a specialist, if not I would settle down as a chronic MO then.

For me, I think that Masters program is more suitable. One thing it is a structured learning program with good supervision, no need to get out of government service (means still promoted if eligible), still serving the nation. But I heard there are lots of politics in this Masters programs. MRCP, MRCPH, MRCOG, on the other hand  require self-initiatives; a lot of self-discipline to study, a lot of money to spend on exam fees, money flows to UK, but it’s the fastest pathway to become a specialist of course. But I already have a phobia for all this professional entrance exams because I once wanted to sit for USMLE, but just because the USMLE people screwed up verification letter to my med school, I was unable to sit for USMLE part 1.

So I’d prefer Masters program, although probably I’d become old already when I become specialist while the others become specialists just after their housemanship.


I wish to all my muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Don’t forget your responsibility to do the needful, zakat fitrah. Have a safe journey to kampungs, drive safely or else you’ll end up in the hospital with cranky hospital staffs who cannot get holiday during Hari Raya. Have a moderate fun during Raya, watch your cholesterol level. Pray that whichever posting I will have next (ortho please, amin…), I will have a solid one week of cuti raya…. hohoho asking too much ain’t I? What to do, this one year of housemanship, I only take planned leaves, no EL (emergency leaves), no MC (sick leaves)… Thinking about it, I think I should’ve taken that sick leaves when I was sick, like the other housemans do, because in the end, however loyal I am to my work, government will always find a way to screw things up.

Anyway, ramblings aside,  Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

9 thoughts on “Medical medical medical

  1. hai, i am graduating soon. i would like to know which hospitals around selangor is good for housemanship.

    i was thinking of PPUM, hosp. serdang, hosp. putrajaya.. what do u think? we dont really learn in university hospitals?? is this true? thnks!

  2. “I do not wish to do housemanship in medical anymore, thank you (I wanna sleep on weekends)” – which specialties/rotations would allow you to sleep at the weekends?

  3. Hi nona

    for maximum learning try HKL , HTAR , Selayang , ect
    Univ r more hi tech but most procedures will be done by regs and you may not see the more basic stuff ie complicated cases are referred there which is beyond the scope of the bread and butter stuff HOs need to know. but they have excellent CMEs and large pool of consultants.
    Avoid relatively new hospitals and hospitals in the outskirts of KL – few patients.
    HKL and HTAR is good but has its fair share of horror stories. You need to be mentally and physically prepared as life will be tough. Again good CMEs, large patient pool but busy as HELL

  4. hi,can i make a request?i have been looking for an article regarding pro n cons of (ideally) every hospital that provide housemanship training in msia. perhaps u can write one?please…about the shift system which hosp doesnt implement it ya?(heard awful thing about the shift system from HO in PGH too)

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