Malaysian’s weird mentality

Malaysians have the weirdest set of mentality.

  • Malaysians mourn the lost of cats but politicize the death of a Bernama cameraman. While both stories are sad in different ways, championing the case (read: politicizing) makes it look very desperate for a cheap publicity. Do not toy with the feelings of those who mourn over deaths, I felt shame for those who did. Politicizing won’t make you a hero. Malaysians are adorable; they think by going to Bersih rally one time they became a hero already, when they cannot even give car signals when they want to cut lines, cannot even be considerate on the road. Let’s be more civilized, shall we?
  • Lately there’s a news that JAIS raided a church, reason being was Muslims are being proselytized into being Christians. It is a sad fact that Malays are actually being proselytized to being Christians, they were made to come to church (I saw it with my own eyes). I won’t blame 100% on the Christians for this; Islamic religious institutions are not that warm and welcoming to begin with, zakat money is used to feed the arses sitting in Pusat Zakat office instead of the needier ones, discriminatory treatments, bureaucracies etc. So the Malays turn to those who treat them well, feed them, educate them, spiritualize them. I do believe that slavery still exist in Malaysia (mental slavery). It’s one of Pusat Zakat’s duty to free our brothers and sisters from mental slavery (an accepted definition of slavery in Islam, I saw this in Pusat Zakat’s pamphlet). There are Malays who are penniless being fed by Christians and being guilted into attending service and prayers, but want to get out of the situation. All religious bodies must think of a long term mechanism other than raiding churches everytime they see Malays attending services.

I visited Batu Caves temple, does it mean that this temple has to be raided too?

  • While I appreciate the half month bonus given by our dear government, it is not a long term solution to the skyrocketing prices and worsening inflation. I’d rather have an adequate amount of money without any holes (read: inflation) in my pocket, rather than a half month bonus with big holes in my pocket. I want to save money to buy a dream house, my dear government. In fact, so does every young working Malaysians. Whatever happened to our inflasi sifar campaign?
  • Lately there’s another attempt on criticizing houseman from Russia. Oh this is tiring! It happens every year and it’s the same debate all over again. At the first few weeks of their work, Russian graduates will be slow and blur, but after few months as they progress and understands the system well, they’ll fare better. Why are they blur and slow? They are not used to the language used to communicate and not used to the system. There’s no need for any specialist to say that they’re incompetent. Heck, try to put a Malaysian graduate who is already an MO (medical officer) in Russian hospital with Russian system and using Russian language as communication, see if they are competent or not? While the generalization that Russian graduates are incompetent is easy for our good specialists, it is much better to conduct comprehensive studies like our counterparts from Europe and America. They studied the shift system and doctor’s working hours thoroughly, but Malaysia just started shift system after 2 months of trial in only 3 small hospitals. They studied how neckties and labcoats are bringing infections into their hospitals, while Malaysian doctors still have to wear neckties and labcoat in the hot sweaty hospitals. Yes, they conduct various detailed studies rather than making a hypothetical, generalized and biased conclusions, my dear specialists and consultants. We should conduct studies too.
  • So there’s an article saying that Russian med schools are corrupt. Malaysia is also rampant with corruption; yet we produce specialists and consultants. So do the graduates from India, Indonesia, Egypt; some of them already very glorified consultants in their medical field. Only Russian graduates are relatively younger generation and have not become specialist yet. So there’s no need for this seasonal bash all over again. Apologists will say Russian graduates are competent, those anti-Russian grads keep going on that Russian grads are useless. There’s no end to it. It’s gotta stop.

3 thoughts on “Malaysian’s weird mentality

  1. efenem,
    the best way is to stop blogging about ‘our’ own insecurities.
    i know we did not graduate from the best medical schools in the world.
    (i’m Moscow Medical Academy graduate)
    it is pointless for us to argue against that.or pretend that we did.
    why don’t we just spend more time with our books to catchup with
    what we didn’t learn in Russia?Be humble,acknowledge our weakness and learn.
    my obs/gyn consultant used to say,”I have yet to see a Russian graduate get the MRCOG “.
    I cannot argue with that.We have 3 MOs (Russian Grads) in Ob/Gyn here at my department-while they are reasonably competent in day to day work-they have repeatedly failed the Part 1. Fellow MOs from local unis and UK/Ire grads have passed.
    Clearly we cannot just keep talking.
    We have to put effort to pass these international is cheap.
    No point blogging about our dissatisfaction with feeling “inferior”-just perform-thats the only way.Its a tough road for us as we have so much to catch up.
    I feel sad seeing our graduates from Russia put up an indifferent attitude and instead of proving the critics wrong-they fight back in retaliation without substance.
    Kindest regards to you,efenem.

    • Thanks for reading my blog,
      The reason why I want this debate to stop is because there’s nothing good coming out of it, there’s certainly nothing that our specialists would do other than bashing the russian graduates. This bashing has already significantly reduced the morale of graduates from Russia. I have personally heard that “I am only a Russian graduate, thus I can make mistakes and be incompetent” Of course not in those exact words, but you got the gist.We cannot have houseman graduating from Russia thinking they can make all the mistakes they want without being responsible. They are already doctors, the holder of MD, receiving the same amount of salary as the other graduates, so he must be as equally responsible. Not just simply saying “I am from an incompetent med school so its ok for me to be less responsible”

      But I agree with you that Russian graduates are yet to be specialists. I myself is not a fan on how russian-style education is being run, I am a harsh critic of Russian education system (if you care to read my previous posts). Clearly, we should think together of a mechanism on how to empower the russian graduates. Individual effort is weak, I think probably the best is mentor-mentee system, depending on their willingness to participate. I will try to ask seniors for the input about this if they think this would work, then we shall proceed accodingly. Thanks for the highlight.

  2. kindly correct your information about islam, or at least contact me if you need some clarifications.

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