Ortho oh Ortho

I have no interest in bones, thus I have no plan to become an orthopedist in the near future. I am still blur about all the classification of fractures and all, and to be honest I haven’t read a single thing about bones. At second year of housemanship, by right I need to have knowledge of MO level (according to the dear specialists), no more houseman level. But for ortho, I don’t think I’d pass for a med student level even huhuhu.

Bosses are cool. I like the MOs especially, who would let me do procedures under local anesthesia. It’s quite good to brush up my surgical skills which are currently at zero level hahaha. Well, at least if I would know how to operate a little bit before I become MO, hopefully in general surgery.

Working in ortho department is somehow less busy, than medical at least. But with no recent houseman intake, more houseman becoming MOs, our number of HO in ortho department in my hospital came down from 70 to 40. It doubles everybody’s workload, and we have to work on shift every weekend. I have never had a full weekend off except during Hari Raya period. Previously with oncall, a houseman has to do one weekend call and get the other three weekends off. This shift system forces us to work every weekend 😦

Oklah, for the sake of my training in the field that I don’t have interest in…

Well, to all doctors and my juniors from my alma mater, I wish you all good luck in the first week of work. Enjoy tagging because you can tell those horror stories to your houseman one day. Enjoy the next 2 years of your life because it’s the best or the worst part of your life. And please read some of the messages I take from many specialists I worked with:

If a doctor’s job is only to diagnose, I can give my computer to do that. A doctor’s job is more towards assessing risks and benefits. Say a 90 year old patient who has a heart attack and has melena. Would you like to send patient down to scope him? If everytime a patient has melena and you wanna scope, I pray so hard for our healthcare system!

I can train monkeys to cut, but to be a good surgeon and have a good patient outcome, it’s not the op you have to worry about. It’s the pre-ops and post-ops.

Houseman nowadays are very low in standards. When I was a houseman, I cannot read ECG, I cannot interpret ABG, but at least I am skillful with procedures. You all? Know nothing! Branula also have to ask MO to do. Then MIA la, MC la, EL la… You wanna be a doctor or clerk?!

To err is human. But to err in this department, I will f*ck you up, down, left, right, front, behind! Understand?

About Bajet 2012 – I made a speculation on my own lah, based on my own calculations, which is not that accurate, that our UD41 basic salary might go up from RM2458 to Rm3000+. Plus flexi allowance for shift system of RM600. The real figure we’ll know in January 2012 lah, but I hope the tangga gaji SBPA will come out soon so that the anxious civil servants like me would know how much increment we all will get.


2 thoughts on “Ortho oh Ortho

  1. Lol too many blame on houseman… I also see many miscondut by the medical officer as well after working in hospital for almost 2 years Example…
    1/ Patient had a blood transfusion reaction but dont know how to manage
    2/ Patient needed resuscitation, quickly ask HO to refer anast, but at the same time did nothing to try intubate patient, but HO did
    3/ Some MO i see… dont even know how to set CVL
    4/ Than patient who have simple case of acute tonsilitis wanted to refer to ENT…..When i do the referal, although i disagree with the mo because i dont see the proper reason indication…ive being scold by the ENT MO. Ive being scold for my own MO stupidity
    5/ Patient had anemia….quickly want me to refer surgical team for endoscopy…even though other cause of anemia have not been ruled out
    6/ The part that most irritating when some mo refused to see patient when being refered. Sometimes we just need to wait until day 4 before patient is being reviewed

    The list goes on…….
    My advice ….im aware that some doctors have problem. But dont simply address this problem only to HO only….. Every HO, MO , Specialist n Consultant should share this problem together without addressing to particular group. Ive seen a lot of misconduct by senior doctor as well….but we seldom exaggerating the issue since we realized that we are all doctor should work as one. When im addresing this issues….some senior doctor gave excuse that we all human not perfect, we may made mistakes bla bla….expecting mercy from the junior doctor. Whereas they dont do the same to the junior doctor…where most junior doctor still lacking of knowledge n experience

    • I totally agree with you. However if i dont agree the management of my mo, i usually talk to the specialist first. I dont like my patient to be kept waiting for “review”.

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