Toughen up!

Today I want to talk about MC or medical certificate. There are few things you should know about MC.

  1. Doctors like me (Houseman @ House Officer) are NOT allowed to sign MC, so don’t bother asking from us.
  2. Currently there are tougher laws for MC. Even if I get my boss to sign the MC, it will be under big scrutiny from many many personnel! One simple mistake in MC (for example mistake in IC number) will be a lot of mess for the doctor who signed it.
  3. MC cannot be backdated. If you are sick today and can’t work, come to see us today! Do not come today for the sickness of yesterday and tell doctor “Doctor can I have MC for yesterday because I’m sick and all, and I didn’t go to work yesterday?” No way in hell. What if you robbed a bank yesterday? You want the doctor to prove that you are sick on the day you robbed a bank?
  4. I will not question MC given to patients who stayed in the ward. But I would question why would you need MC if you are coming to Klinik Pakar in government hospital. For those who waited long from 8am till 11am, I don’t mind la. But those whose consultation finished at 8.15am, why would they need MC?
  5. Even when I am sick, I never take MC. Why? Because I know with just some antibiotics and a couple bottles of fluids, I can still function as a low-class House Officer, and work for the next 36 hours like usual. Unless my sickness is unbearable only then I take MC lah, but so far Alhamdulillah no really bad things happen so far. I have seen others who work with me (only a few), that take MC just because they feel like it. Even some nurses and PPKs take MC like there’s no tomorrow!
  6. What’s worse is that some patients not only request MC, they request for disability! Yes, a Malay lady was asking me to sign her disability form when I met her in diabetic clinic. The problem is she still has her legs, and they’re still functioning normally! What has happened, diabetis also so disabling? I am saddened by my own race’s laziness.
  7. Government has toughen the laws of MC so that Malaysians toughen up and get their asses back to work! That’s why it’s easier for you to go to private clinic for MC than in government clinics or hospitals.
  8. Mild URTI, mild AGE, mild gastric, mild headache no need MC la. This raining season I have more frequent asthma attack also I don’t take MC. You tougher guys should be fine lah!

Ciao. Go to work tomorrow!

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