Speculation – SBPA (Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam)

I have been looking for this for almost a month, always end up with disappointment because government websites haven’t update anything about SBPA new salary scheme. But today I got something better, but only at speculation level, not definitely true. The calculation was made based on PM’s budget speech on teacher’s salary scheme, but it may apply to doctors as well because we have the same grades as theirs.

UD41 aka House Officers

UD44 aka Medical Officers

Then UD48 aka Medical Officers and some specialists

As I can see, the increase is not that much. But I am grateful even if the increase is not much because if it’s much more than that, the country will go bankrupt and inflation skyrocket. So according to this speculative calculation, it does make sense, but to be definite just wait till the government update their websites.

Where do I get this from? Amanarab. I don’t understand his calculations, but it makes sense and kinda much better than what I have in mind haha…


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