Ramalan Dividen ASB 2011



UPDATED: ASB 2011 announced! Dividend 7.65%, Bonus 1.15%! Read more HERE!

It’s almost new year. The most-awaited announcement of the year is the ASB dividend and bonus for the year 2011.

Let’s see how ASB fared for the past few years:

2005: Dividen: 7.25% Bonus: 1.75% Total: 9.00%
2006: Dividen: 7.30% Bonus: 1.25% Total: 8.55%
2007: Dividen: 8.00% Bonus: 1.00% Total: 9.00%
2008: Dividen: 7.00% Bonus: 1.75% Total: 8.75%
2009: Dividen: 7.30% Bonus: 1.25% Total: 8.55%
2010: Dividen: 7.50% Bonus: 1.25% Total: 8.75%

With elections coming, government claiming to make profits more than loss, improving economy and trade, my prediction is that the total dividend and bonus for ASB for 2011 is at least 9%, might be approaching 10% even. I committed myself to invest in ASB loan, so I am really looking forward to the ASB announcement this year!

Election is so near. With the new pay scheme SBPA, end-year bonus this coming Monday, I do predict that ASB shall fare better than previous years. Oh I love December!

On another note, I am no whore where my vote can be bought so simply by increasing my pay, giving me bonuses and putting more money into my investments. I am still keeping an open mind. Whoever brings the best to the tables, I shall vote. Enough of dirty politicking, accusing you sodomy, you corrupt, you racist, you non-bumiputras, you traitor, you liar, you embezzler, you cow and you etcetera. Money and politics corrupt humans.

Do you know there are doctors in private practice who treat rib fracture with plating? Do you know some orthopedic surgeons receive lots of commissions by using a medical company’s instruments for their surgeries? Even the noblest profession of mankind has whores and corrupts.

All of us are whores and corrupts in some way. Let’s just be civil.

9 thoughts on “Ramalan Dividen ASB 2011

  1. One has to be realistic in ones expectation.
    What matter most Investors must have the confidence in placing their investments
    with ASB/ASN.This call for political stability attracting more FDI and Companies are comfortable with the business environment allowing them to reap a decent ROI.
    Only when the Companies make good profit we can hope for higher dividend and bonus.

  2. Some people claim ASB dividend for this year will go down. They said the government use that money to prepare for the upcoming election. Let just wait and see.

  3. nobody is clean.nobody is a whore,we are only a bunch of sinners dumped in this world to make amend for what we have comitted.life is not written in black and white,reality is only shades of grey which is a must to create a drama on this world stage.do not be immature and yearn for a purified white sheet of life.it is only a dream of a child who still clings to its pacifier,it is not civil to use the word whore, whatever is being dished out for your good just take it do not take anything by spitting at the giver and be civilised,nobody put the gun at your head to choose the party to rule this country,so be civilised and polite.

  4. I personally think that we should vote a party that can provide stablity and has a good clear vision to bring this country and its people to greater heights. We should also declare war against corruption and corrupt people. No point pointing fingers at others for accepting bribes.. when you yourself when stopped by police due to traffic violation offer bribe to settle the matter. The pot should not be calling the kettle black.

    Having said that, if the present Govt wanna give goodies.. I will gladly take with a big thank you.. After all “undi itu rahsia” ;p

    Going back to your post.. I’m a bit dissapointed tho with ASB dividend.. I’m hoping it will hit 9% at least.. aisey asyik Felda people aje dapat “goodies”. But then I suppose 8.8% is not that bad.. compared to 6.5% for AS1M and ASW2020.. I’m looking forward to ASN dividend announcement today (I think..)

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