Snippets: Tagging in Obstetric and Gynaecology department

I just started O&G as a 5th poster. I’m quite freaked out because it seems that I am one of the most senior ones in the department. If I were to be in this department 3 months ago, I would be a tagging MO already. I am freaked out because my last exposure to O&G was like what, 2-3 years ago?! I have not enough knowledge, a little bit dependent on my junior colleagues to teach me. And I don’t even like O&G. I wanted to take A&E (Accident and Emergency) posting, but they are closed to 6th postings only 😦

1. Only starting this week there is such a thing as shift tagging. The old times required a houseman to tag from 7am till 10pm. But new rulings came out that houseman only tag by shifts as long as they complete 60-hours a week of tagging. That sounds so heaven though! I like the idea, but I really think it’s not enough. So over Christmas holidays I tagged till night to learn a little bit more. Quite OK though, I got to do more stuffs independently over the holidays, assist in more cesarean sections.

2. Women in labor are messy. There are so much womanly fluids that I do not want to describe, as I was about to vomit on my first day of tagging. True story. But in the end when that baby is born, everything’s worth it.

3.  They say the specialists and MOs are more teaching these few weeks more than ever. Lucky us who are tagging right now. I guess they saw our standards, they don’t like it, and they do something about it. That’s proactive. Thumbs up. It’s an example for other departments to emulate. Stop whining about house officers. Life’s too short to whine (not just yours, your patients’ too).

4.  O&G is a department so obsessed with medicolegal issues. That’s why they are much more particular about documentations than any other departments. No short forms. Write only what I say. Make a new entry. Spell this correctly. Do not make plans without consulting seniors. And the bosses look more uptight too. They say that the O&G specialists are not great specialists until they get lawsuits up their asses. I have no comment.

5. It’s scary being a senior poster, a 5th poster like me. When I am tagging, my colleagues treat me as one of them, meaning they trust me in whatever thing I do with the patients, unlike the junior posters who constantly have to be monitored. Some house officers even approached me to ask O&G questions. Oh God, I really don’t know…. I’m not your MO, I am a house officer like you too. I am just your colleague who just started out in this department. Stop asking me questions that freak me out. I am as stupid as you. It’s flattering that they trust me and my judgments, but it’s scary. Lucky there’s no more tagging MO in O&G department.

6. Practical procedures haven. The simplest things I learn during my tagging period are Vaginal Examinations, Artificial Rupture of Membrane, conducting deliveries, assisting vacuum and forceps deliveries, Episiotomy and Repair, assisting in Caesarean Sections. Do you know that somewhere in Europe only registrars and specialists do Episiotomy repair. But in my hospital the staff nurses or midwives are doing it like a pro, and they teach house officers how to do it! Do you know that in some other countries only specialists are allowed to conduct Cesarean sections? Here in Malaysia, mostly MOs do it. On my 3rd day of tagging, there were so many fetal distresses, so many poor progresses I had assisted in seven back-to-back cesarean sections for 12 hours, three of which are full of adhesions due to previous cesarean scars! I basically remember the dance of Cesarean already, I know what to expect and what the surgeon would do next.

7. I have not seen the worst of this department yet, but I have heard of its horror stories. Wish me luck for the next four months of my life in this department.

2 thoughts on “Snippets: Tagging in Obstetric and Gynaecology department

  1. Here in Sarawak and also in Sabah, additionally performing 2 closing uterus and 2 skin-to-skin Caesareans are pre-requisites for passing the posting. Other things include manual removal of placenta, D&C as well as bitubal ligation. Well done for getting into 5th posting. O&G was my 2nd worst nightmare.

  2. I just gotta agree with u. I just finish 10 days of tagging in this freaky department. And i still feel i am not a person into this department. I wish u luck. Please wish me luck as well. First LR night shift tmr. Hopefully evthing will goes on smoothly. 😉

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