O&G posting

  1.  I have not wrote a single blog post in two months. I have not been that busy at work, just nothing much to write about.
  2. I do not find O&G inspiring. It’s true I help deliver new lives and new hopes for the families, but I am uninspired by the system failure.
  3. O&G is the department which has high medicolegal cases, not just in Malaysia but all over the world as well. Thus everybody in the department is playing defensive, being extra-careful. It’s downright annoying when the nurses call me just for me to call up my MO to manage patients.
  4. I don’t mind being called, as a houseman I am the firstliner, but if you expect everything to go through MO or specialist all the time, it’s better off the nurses just call the MO instead of me. When nurses call me, please accept my management. If I can’t handle it, then I will call my MO.
  5. My MOs and specialists are made up of different characters, some of them are very enjoyable to work with but some are just not approachable at all. I know most are very busy to run every little things through them.
  6. The houseman really can’t expand their minds working like this.
  7. What more is that I realize I have a lot of foreigner patients (Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Filipino, Africans, pseudo-Russian from Tajikistan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan). They are always the ones with problems in pregnancy and labor and they are always the ones who take out a lot of resources (money, time, personnel) from the government hospitals. Most of them come without passport or visa, they came here to work, but accidentally breed and populate, thus congesting Malaysia with foreigners with lots of social problems. I feel so unpatriotic.
  8. It’s like I committed a big treason working in O&G department.
  9. Currently I’m in labor room having screaming contests with women in labor. It’s quite fun at times to cheerlead them till baby’s out. Adrenaline rush is certainly in the labor room. I also like going into Cesarean sections, I actually wanted to do one Cesarean before I end my O&G posting but they won’t let me because they have new MO tagging who want to learn and whatnot.
  10. I did learn something here, and I just hope to pass this department and move on with life. No interest in woman parts.


  1. We are young and energetic. We have a long future ahead. Thus we need to think of investments. We have our day jobs (namely doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher), but are those jobs paying us enough? So most of us are looking for investments, where you keep your day job which gives you active income, but you still earn extra money from your passive income.
  2. I myself have been approached to invest and participate in MLM (multi-level marketing). I was intrigued.
  3. I have heard so many things about MLM. Some of them work, some of them don’t. Some of them good reviews, some of them bad.
  4. Investment always carries a risk. Invest in a good bond, you got yourself a good deal. Bad stock, bad deal.
  5. But the thing with investment is, nobody REALLY knows which ones are good and which ones are bad.
  6. They say their future is looking good, they have better investment returns, they have long histories, the have international offices, they have doctors and lawyers as investors, their company name on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange board whatsoever. They tell you that so you are impressed to the point you give money to them.
  7. I particularly will look into the products or services they are offering. And then will look on how they operate things.
  8. Recently I have a friend who invested in multilevel marketing (MLM). I heard that all the company asked for money first, documentations later. Does that raise an eyebrow? An investment company being so unsafe in their operations, asking for money first and documentations later? My friend gave the money first, she hesitated about the investment that she wanted to withdraw from it and lucky she got her money back. The company was really reluctant to give the money back! Another friend invested RM10,000 and didn’t get the money back.
  9. This company probably already made few millionaires from the MLM, but I’d rather stay thousand-aire rather than making their millionaires richer with this kind of risky operations where their concern is only the investor’s money.
  10. If they approach you, asking for your money to invest, I don’t see a good future in that investment. I see them desperate for money. I’d stay away from committing to those kinds of investments.
  11. I’d rather invest in something I have to fight for rather than some investments come in rolling to my hands. Property is a good start. You always have to fight for booking, locations with stable area, land, affordability etc etc. I’m not saying it’s a perfect investment which generates tons of profits, but I’d say it’s fairly stable one.
  12. Not all MLM companies are bad. Some of them really work well. But most of them do exhibit a pattern of greed.
  13. Read more about MLM here.

3 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Dont be too naive, read Aidid muaddib’s blog to know more.
    Mlm is not an investment, it is just a scam,

  2. Hurm.. so, doctor, have you start investing? Would like to know more about property investment even i’m still struggling with my stupidity for first month of clinical years ^^

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