Accident and Emergency posting

Accident and Emergency posting is my final posting as a houseman, three weeks into it, I have seen and learnt quite a lot. I have to apply all the knowledge and experiences I had for the past 5 postings into this department.

I have not seen something really epic yet. Simple cases like UTI, URTI, AGE, AEBA, and all other boring short forms are so common. Trauma cases are plenty. I am still considered new, still not going to the red zone yet, where all the actions are happening.

At one point during BERSIH 3.0 rally things really got bad, patients are overflowing and keep rolling in, not enough bed, CT scan and xrays were really backed up. And funny enough, the roster maker put only 4 housemen when usually they put 8-12! Lucky us, our colleagues from other department came to help and get involved in the action, even consultants of surgical department and HOD of ortho department came to help. I had fun during treating patients during that rally time, albeit having to work 15 hours (doing double shifts).

Patients were treated with dignity, examined properly and dispo nicely (discharged or admitted).

Just a few political points I want to bring up, as a lesson from Bersih rally:

1. Malaysians, either protesters or police, are far too immature to organize or handle any kind of street rally. Rally is best done in a closed space, e.g. stadium, where traffic won’t be blocked and rally won’t get out of hands.

2. Everybody will benefit from a clean and fair election. But when Bersih chief herself is sympathetic to opposition and Bersih itself has been conquered by opposition people, the vision of Bersih is already biased.

3. In politics, everybody is evil. You just have to use common sense to choose the lesser of two evils. You don’t have to be a forever fanatic supporter of a party. Just think: somebody wanted to take over Malaysian government 16th September 2008 with frog-jumping MPs but failed, he keeps on delaying his own personal court issues, on DAP side he said one thing, on PAS side he said other things, to the Americans and Jews he’s totally somebody else, not to mention people has defaulted his party one-by-one after some loss of trust, he keeps on saying about freedom of speech and yet suing his political enemies for doing so against him and has he ever been clean from corruption? And this guy wants to rule Malaysia? Just use common sense, there’s no sin in changing your political viewpoint when your better judgment says to choose the lesser of two evils.

Thank you…


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