Weekday Snippets – reminisce the good old days!

June is one of the month I actually love. It is the time when real summer begins for the northern hemisphere. Even for Malaysia, geographically a little bit northern to the equator. Sun shines bright with little chance of rain. Even if it showers, the sun will come back and life goes on. People are actually happier and less depressed due to longer and brighter sunlight exposure. People get married at this time of the year. Semesters are ending and people go on summer vacations. My juniors would finish exam and graduate soon enough. Life is basically good in June.

Me, I am working, but I am not complaining. I find Accident and Emergency department quite enjoyable. I am probably a little slow, but life’s good in A&E. The seniors, they teach. The colleagues, they help. The nurses, they cooperate. I find A&E is my chance for redemption for all my lacking of exposure in the previous departments that the consultants keep harping on again and again. I hope to get clinically better here before I become Medical Officer and gets kicked out transfered to the remotes of Borneo or wherever.

In medical department, I never even glanced at CT brains due to the general busy-ness in the ward. As long as somebody said someone had a stroke, I will just take it. Now I have to buck up and interpret this CT brain… 🙂

In A&E you see all kinds of patients from all kinds of specialties (psychiatric, ENT, surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics), all kinds of presentations (acute, subacute, chronic, manja-litis), all kinds of demographics (drunkards, homeless, gangsters, psychos). You get to do all kinds of procedures you are probably deprived of doing in general wards. Then you dispo patients accordingly – admit to ward, discharge home, referral to the specialist clinic, or send to mortuary. This is the department for short-attention-span doctors, who like both medical part and procedural part, adrenaline junkies who love actions and saving lives, and for those who do not like working long hours. I am probably one of them. I will finish this posting and see how it goes from there…

The downside of A&E is that it is the least respected department and the most misunderstood one. A&E lacks details. A&E is full of patients with bad demographics (drunkards, homeless, gangsters, psychos) whom nobody else wants to treat. That must be put into consideration as well.

Summer in Russia is super fun. I did not study that well in med school. I love to play and travel a lot and study a little! Everyday is jalan-jalan day! We used to play volleyball in front of the hostel till 10.30pm  (it still wasn’t dark) even when the next day is final exam day! Oh damn I miss those great simple days of summer!

Every semester break, be it winter or summer, I always grab a chance to travel somewhere. Traveling is a sacred soul in me which I cherish. I take travel talks and invites very seriously and passionately. Some people just ajak-ajak ayam to travel. I find that to be pretty annoying. Me, I put my travel dreams into a plan, save some money, and go forth and sail! I do not care if I go alone, obviously because it’s better to travel alone rather than with a bad travel companion.

In Tirana, Albanian capital…
Rafting in Neretva River, Bosnia Hercegovina
Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia

paragliding in Montenegro
Cruising in Montenegro

Ah so nice reminiscing the good old days!

I am 26 I am still unmarried. For a guy that probably would be normal. But when you see some of your friends who are crazy back then are already married, pregnant and have 2 kids, you’d feel the social pressure. How I envisioned my love life is that I travel the world, fall in love while traveling, get married and travel the world again. Yes, I am a simpleton like that. But in reality, my love life is more complicated. I will have to go somewhere very very far to think over my life decision. Will not bore you with the details. Ciao!


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