To MO-ship

Alhamdulillah I just finished my final assessment in A&E department yesterday. I have learnt a lot more than when I first started in this good department and when I first started my humble housemanship.

To be honest, I enjoy doing housemanship in the hospital I am working in. I like the patient demographics, from the very poor and homeless to the very royal and rich. I like to sympathize to their bad and dark history, although at times I judge them. I like their spectrum of illnesses for me to examine and analyze. I like the procedures they let me do here. I like that it’s busy around here, but at times I curse it. I also like the dynamic relationships of the specialists and medical officers of various specialties.

The first year was tough and rough for me but second year was quite good. I sleep better, I eat better, I loss some weight, have more time for family and friends.

What I never like is the parking – enough said.

I have to work one more week as a house officer. I will enjoy my time not having to bear responsibilities for the patients (but my MO instead). I will enjoy my Raya holidays and post housemanship holidays. Then I am back to square one, a junior medical officer, have to be responsible for all the patients I see (bombarded by specialists for wrong diagnosis and treatment, writing all incident reports, attending inquiries and court cases). But I hope to be transfered soon, I am pretty excited to start afresh somewhere else.

Medical officer-ship is a time to learn more because everybody, including the houseman, MAs, nurses will look up for leadership and decisive treatments for patients.

Here’s to MO-ship!~


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