Day 1 Tagging – Sabah Style!

Tagging day 1 as a medical officer in another hospital in borneo is very nice. HOs are plentiful, MOs are nice and approachable, the specialists are only three but great. MO tagging is not as crazy and stressful as HO tagging.

The medical staffs (nurses, medical assistants and PPKs) are friendly and respectful, and not yelling (unlike most places in Klang Valley). Patients are not very demanding. The spectrum of illness in Sabah is a little bit different than in peninsula. On my first day, I saw cases which are rarely seen back in peninsula such as malaria and rheumatic fever.

Traffic and parking are not as horrible as kuala lumpur. Unlike when I worked in HKL, where even a doctor’s car tyres can get slashed off. People are just a bit slower here.

Life here so far so good. But it’s just my day 1 of work so I can’t say anything much yet, but many doctors who are from peninsula, actually not wanting to go back to peninsula. They stay in sabah, and make Sabah their home. 

Back in KL, it seems that people just have their own business to do, everybody is just plain busy… It seems that I have more life here. There’s always people to hang out with, there’s always some free time after work, there’s time to invest in a hobby, for travelling and diving etc. 

Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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