Weekend snippets – midlife crisis?

It’s been long since I updated this blog – I was busy working to replace people on holiday; there was christmas and new year, and then there was post christmas and new year holidays some people are taking. Then come along Chinese new year where I worked like crazy for 3 weeks and got a leptospirosis scare and get MC for 3 days.

Adventurous two months. A lot of hours are spent working and working. Got me thinking. Is this what I really want in life? Well, that’s quite a midlife crisis. It’s very true for some KKM doctors though – when we are overworked and underappreciated, we will rethink our life’s game plan. Even when we are just in our late 20s.

I love Accident and Emergency department since I was a houseman in HKL for few reasons – shift work, real doctoring and real life-saving first hand, adventurous seeing a lot of weird cases, more time and opportunities to earn extra income, many extracurriculars out of the hospital (courses, standby, heli-ride, emergency retrieval, wilderness medicine etc etc).

But nowadays, this just drains me away. Possibly due to some difficulties to get days off, or medical patients piling up in emergency department for 3-4 days that we still have to review them like in ward settings (Kota Kinabalu is facing hospital bed crisis now!). Not that I don’t love emergency department, even some other specialties that I surveyed are actually more boring and potentially would drain me much more. Oh yes, I was thinking to shift to another department for a while to see if I’d like it. But I guess it’s just a reality working with KKM generally, and in my hospital especially.

Just months ago I had a big dream to pursue Masters in Emergency department and aspire to be emergency physician. But now I just feel disinterested. I take regular breaks, but still doesn’t work. I probably will be interested again in a few more years, just currently my passion for emergency and trauma has significantly faded. The morale isn’t getting any better when senior colleagues are quitting or shifting after being burnt out. I will still serve the nation, learn more and become a good doctor, I just don’t know till when I can put up with this.

Anyway, my passion have to go on to keep on living, so I shifted my passion to PROPERTY.

It’s probably just a phase or temporary passion, but property does get me all hyped-up right now. The thought that a property can grow 15% annually for capital appreciation and positive cashflow on rental with yield of 7-12% annually get me excited. I have read a lot of books on properties, their tricks, how they do it, it really gives me a new passion and new bright light on life.

 photo buku

I am not a property expert but I am very much excited to acquire and invest in properties… So that’s my midlife crisis for now.

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