Sabah oh Sabah

I like Sabah in general, it’s peaceful, beautiful with friendly and kind people. But there’s a downside to that when a city boy from KL like me comes to Sabah. I have kept this inside boiling for so long, but I have been in Sabah for 6 months I guess I should say something about some attitude that I don’t like about few Sabahans… It’s not a generalization, but you can see this practiced in a lot of places.


IMG_2938Sabahan sleeping in lorry during rush hour

1. Many Sabahans have high powered car but they are driving too freaking slow! And that slowness causes traffic congestion all the time. I flee KL to escape from traffic jam and now it’s just as bad in KK because people here are too damn slow. If the red light turns green, please start moving, stop whatsapping, facebooking or texting! Usually I’d just honk away but I am so very tempted to throw rocks at your car when the lights are green for 5 seconds and you are not moving!

2. If you are driving slowly, please drive on the left lane! Don’t stay on the right and block my way! Do you know that some people need to rush as well?

3. If you’re a motorbike rider, use your head and don’t stay in the middle of the road. Some car drivers are very tempted to run over you. I am not one of them ok.

4. Please use that damn signal if you wanna turn or change lanes. Eh this is freaking basic, don’t you learn that in driving school?

5. I don’t understand why you must call or text when driving. Do you know that’s dangerous and slow, and I wanna hit rocks at you? Did you bribe the officer to pass you the driving test, is it??

6. This is probably not the Sabahans fault, but goes to the state authorities or something. I don’t understand why would there be a lot of U-turns and roundabouts. They are always congested with slow Sabahans and very much accident-prone. Are traffic lights really expensive?? It seems that the authorities wanna save up that money for something more useful than building traffic lights, no?

7. Please park at the parking space given. Don’t be a douchebag and take two parking spaces. It’s just common sense… It seems only KL people can park properly bah.


clamsEating clams post red-tide at one of the fancy seafood restaurants in Kota Kinabalu… This is easily RM100.

1. I see places where there are more waiters than customers, well I guess that’s usual in Sabah bah. But what’s very unusual and VERY ANNOYING is that there are more waiters than the food offered in the menu. Seriously if you don’t have those things on the menu, DO NOT PUT IT UP and close the freaking useless shop!

2. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I feel Sabahan cooking is generally not tasty. Yes some few fancy restaurants do fit my taste but they’re expensive. It’s pathetic when only expensive restaurants offer nice food. At least in Semenanjung there are many cheaper options to nice foods. Please send some of your Sabahan cook to train in Semenanjung to cook normal food. I BEG OF YOU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

3. Please stop overcharging your not so tasty food! I am very surprised that a simple Nasi Goreng Pattaya can cost RM9 in some shitty restaurant. I know Sabahan citizens are just too kind and too nice to complain about the food price, and Sabahan restaurant owners are taking full advantage of the situation, but I am an arrogant snob from KL and I demand the price to be lower! (wow that was a very heated 30 minute argument about their price somehow only manage to lower till RM7.50, damn bullshit!)

4. Please do not employ waiters who are dumb and below 18 years of age. These people seriously need to go to school and learn how to freaking READ! It’s surely annoying when they are so slow in service and not even sure whatever the hell is on the menu! I have seen waitresses who are 15 year olds, forced by mother to quit school and force to wait on tables. I don’t know in detail about the labor laws pertaining child labor, but if any of you dumb waiters come to me for MC, I am not giving any and I will report your parents to authorities!

5. The service is shit (and I mean this in the nicest way possible). Improve your service, if you make a mistake, apologize. Learn to do things fast if you have alot of customers. AND SERIOUSLY BE FASTER IF YOU ONLY HAVE TWO CUSTOMERS!  CLean the plates, cutleries and cups properly. Don’t be disgusting. It’s common sense. I once had a big eggshell in my plate of fried rice, like seriously people?? (hair in the food is already so common)… Is there any college offering civilization hospitality course in Sabah??

You may think that I should go back to KL, but no the hell way I am backing out that easy. If the place I stay is nice, then credits are given. If I find something not nice, please fix it! Even if you have to do it by taking down Musa Aman who has been in power for a decade!


2 thoughts on “Sabah oh Sabah

  1. same here in tawau.. 4 months and im still complaining the same issues, i guess my parents fed up already with my complaining.. its totally 100% correct.. traffic jam, restaurant, etc.. sometime i wonder why on earth they bought expensive 4WD when they drive like 20km/hour.. yesterday, i tapau and had to wait for 45 minutes for spicy prawn masala and manggo sago, and no rice?! price? i never request to be post here, but im so freaking tired with this situation.. 😦

  2. Exactly the same here in Kuching, Sarawak. Maybe it’s the East Malaysian thingy. Roundabout so big you can fit 4 semiD house, yet everyone so slow, maybe they’re waiting for the lane to be really clear, wait la until night. Tampal “P” pun dekat right When we comment on FB, someone even witch-hunt us. Thank goodness I’m leaving this place in few days.

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