Sabah oh Sabah (part 2)

If you get sick, don’t get sick in Sabah.

This is no joke. It’s just too messy and the system itself is too ridiculous. I work for the system and I vouch for it. At one point, we let a lot of Filipinos illegal immigrants take our good beds and left the good Malaysian citizens with none. No bed available in the ward has become a norm rather than an exception.

IMG_2943Not full-bedded and not chaotic. Definitely not my hospital…

Ah, the illegal immigrants… The Tausugs and Suluks… Lahad Datu… Project IC… It’s all coming together.

I literally had Suluks begging me to write letter for them to get IC. I said no, and give them the fart they deserve. To be honest they don’t deserve our healthcare, nor they deserve the land below their feet nor the sky above their pea-sized brains.

I might be mean, inhumane doctor by saying that the illegal immigrants don’t deserve good care, but the medical workforce is literally exhausted by subsidizing them with free intravenous fluids, free lab investigations, free imagings, free expensive broad-spectrum antibiotics and other drugs, free ventilators, free surgical operations blabla etc… These people are the doctor’s worst nightmare, they come in with very weird presentation of disease, and some are very sick they are literally the walking corpses! They bring tuberculosis and many other infections which are already  almost eradicated in most developed countries.

smelly pakcikThis is an illegal immigrant who is HIV positive with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. He also has the foulest-smelling and most-disgusting infected pemphigus vulgaris anyone have ever smelled! The walking dead is real!

These people don’t pay any taxes, so they should pay all the treatment in full. Those who can’t pay should be sent back home, by force.

Working here, I have to clear my conscience. Between saving an illegal immigrant and saving a citizen with same spectrum of disease, I’d save the citizen. Imagine if your dear parents fall sick in Sabah and need the best care in the best bed available, and that best bed is taken up by some illegal immigrant who just got IC from some shady deal. He also claims that Sabah is their land and is waging a war against our Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. Just imagine that your parents might die to give way for the troublesome illegal immigrants.  How do you feel about that?

At times I do feel like committing a high treason serving these people. But I am under hippocratic oath so I am forced to serve them like another citizen.

So when the illegal immigrants of Tausugs/Suluk groups claim that Malaysia is treating them inhumanely, I’d call them the biggest shit of all times. We serve them well with our bloods and sweats and they repay us by invading Lahad Datu and making trouble in our lands. They call themselves Muslims but they are the drunkest on Saturday nights, they are the ones with highest criminal records, the lowly-educated, and terrorizing another Muslim country!

It’s time Sabahans rise against these people. Against project IC. Against corrupted governance. Stop being so nice and start making noise. Seriously.

3 thoughts on “Sabah oh Sabah (part 2)

  1. Hopefully your terrible experience with those Suluks don’t make you generalize all Suluks are like that. Because of that invasion, even the LEGAL CITIZEN who are Suluks are having hard time. I am one of them. Now whenever they know I’m a Suluk they give that disgusting face. Susahla mcm ni..

  2. If Malaysians who travel abroad, e.g.: vacation in Australia/NZ/UK, get into an severe car accident and needs expensive ICU admission, do you think that the doctors in the foreign country should give you worse than 3rd class treatment? Even if you are there legally, chances are that you did not get adequate travel insurance to afford the expensive healthcare cost that you are about to incur. How about an old Malaysian granny who travel to Australia to witness her grandson’s graduation, and then develop a heart attack? Perhaps they will not even perform any intervention because – chances are this “foreign” granny won’t pay?

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