Election fever

I hate corruption, I hate nepotism, I hate cronyism.

But who’s to say if PR threesome (PKR PAS DAP) comes to power, they wont do those things? These things usually happen when people are power-hungry and money-hungry… PR has so much difficulty finalizing names for election candidates, sometimes overlapping even! Such disorganization will only lead to money politics.

The biggest parasite so far, Anwar Ibrahim who was then DPM and Finance minister and UMNO strongman, gave projects and contracts to his friends and family during his good old times. Jailed 6 years for corruption. Then he got out, planned big scale defections and lied about it. He didn’t swear off on his second sodomy case. In fact, while the court still on trial, he still can go overseas giving lectures and meeting dubious VIPs… He claims the justice system is unreliable and yet he didn’t make so much noise when he was acquitted from his second sodomy case.

He speaks chameleon to suit his interests. He shuts up his enemies with RM100million lawsuits while claiming he’s the champion of free speech. He and his supporters make a lot of trouble in Bersih 3.0. His once very “loyal” friends and lawyers already stayed away from him. PR would be so much better off without him. He’s just too much baggage.

Some more nepotism is too obvious in PR.
Karpal Singh and Gobind Deo Singh
Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan ENg
Anwar Ibrahim and Nurul Izzah, Wan Azizah
Anwar and his BFF Azmin Ali

BN is known corrupt. BN is known thief. BN is known nepotizer. BN has its own list of cronies.

But it’s the ones claiming they’re perfect angels but with hidden agendas scare me much more. I don’t want Malaysia to be another country where it’s politically unstable with street demos like Arab countries, where its economy collapse after bringing down the oil price.

Change must start from within. Get rid of Anwar Ibrahim, I will probably vote for PR.

I wish good luck for election candidates who are contesting tomorrow. And to the winning party, I hope you do the best for the country we love. To the losing party DO NOT MAKE CHAOS please, face defeat with grace. No crazy street demo, no Malaysian spring whatsoever.

To voters, it’s your responsibility to vote. And you must vote for real, no such thing as trial voting… There’s no such thing as trial vote one party today, if the party doesnt perform well and bankrupts the country, we change again after 5 years… Do you know how easy it is to ruin a country in 5 years after 56 long years of building it?

No such thing as trial voting. Must vote for real. For change or for stay, use your better judgment. Good luck to all.


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