Back after hiatus

After more than one year long hiatus, I am back. Why the hiatus?
– been traveling alot since last post till date. Soul-searching and experimenting activities mostly.
– started an online business but failed, thank God the start up is minimal.

– many things going on as a medical officer in emergency department Queen Elizabeth, then shifted to Selayang.
– living life mostly, to the fullest. Enlarging my social circle.
– start up new business in insurance. Hope this one works out well.
– contemplating of quitting service as doctor for the better part of the year. Not because I dislike being a doctor, but my dreams, my ego, my self-centeredness, my desires are too big for doctoring profession to handle.
– just got back from one long month of Hajj… before that has been engaging in hajj-related activities and trainings.


Watch out for updates!

One thought on “Back after hiatus

  1. I am new to your blog and would be keen if you are able to comment on how to ‘find’ a good cardiologist. THere are just too many in town, esp KL and how do we know who is doing a good job? And, who’s just banking in on patients?

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