Why being a clinical specialist is financially unwise?

This article is not by any means to offend any specialists. I have deep respect for them. They went through rigorous training to get them to where they are right now. They are doctors who excel in their fields of specialization. Creme de la creme, best of the best.

But my question is – is it financially wise to become a clinical specialist?

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O&G posting

  1.  I have not wrote a single blog post in two months. I have not been that busy at work, just nothing much to write about.
  2. I do not find O&G inspiring. It’s true I help deliver new lives and new hopes for the families, but I am uninspired by the system failure.
  3. O&G is the department which has high medicolegal cases, not just in Malaysia but all over the world as well. Thus everybody in the department is playing defensive, being extra-careful. It’s downright annoying when the nurses call me just for me to call up my MO to manage patients. Continue reading

Dividen ASB 2011 dan pengiraan


 KUALA LUMPUR: Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) anak syarikat Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) mengumumkan agihan pendapatan sebanyak 7.65 sen seunit dan bonus 1.15 sen seunit bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2011.

Agihan pendapatan berkenaan lebih tinggi berbanding tahun lalu yang sebanyak 7.50 sen seunit.

Pemegang unit boleh mengemaskinikan buku pelaburan mulai 3 Januari 2012.

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Speculation – SBPA (Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam)

I have been looking for this for almost a month, always end up with disappointment because government websites haven’t update anything about SBPA new salary scheme. But today I got something better, but only at speculation level, not definitely true. The calculation was made based on PM’s budget speech on teacher’s salary scheme, but it may apply to doctors as well because we have the same grades as theirs.

UD41 aka House Officers

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Induction course

1. Every medical graduate has to undergo induction program before working at the hospital. This induction is to introduce government personnels (medical officers) to how the government operates.

2. The food and hotel room are free (paid by government). The traveling, the toll and parking can be claimed later at the hospitals where we work.

3. On the first day, they give out the placement results late at night. As I have observed, the hall was full of phone calls; some were screaming happily and some were sad and crying. Some 30 people (out of 97) didn’t like what they got so they appealed. The appeal was written that night and was sent to the personnel in charge. The results were received at the end of the 5-day induction. Continue reading

ASB Loan

Post kali ini adalah ditujukan kepada bumiputra amnya dan graduan perubatan khususnya.

Sebagai graduan yg bakal mula bekerja, kita perlu fikir juga tentang persoalan kewangan. Kewangan yang kukuh menjamin masa depan anda. Nanti, sebelum kerja kita akan diberi pilihan skim pencen atau KWSP. Tak perlulah ambil KWSP, ambil skim pencen saja. KWSP adalah untuk mereka yg tidak mahu dan tidak tahu menyimpan wang.

Saya baru ambil ASB Loan. Seperti yg diketahui, ASB memberi pulangan yg besar setiap tahun. Saya ada membuat analisa untung-rugi ASB loan ini, dan pada pendapat saya, untung lebih daripada rugi. Anda semua boleh google “ASB Loan”. Saya pun baru saja berjinak dengan hal ehwal kewangan, maafkan saya jika penerangan-penerangan di bawah tampak simple dan tak pandai. Continue reading