Back after hiatus

After more than one year long hiatus, I am back. Why the hiatus?
– been traveling alot since last post till date. Soul-searching and experimenting activities mostly.
– started an online business but failed, thank God the start up is minimal. Continue reading


Weekend snippets

I am enjoying medical lately. Yeah right, you always complain in your fb status… Actually despite the complains, I am loving this posting. Why?

  • I passed my viva or known as exit exam for medical posting. The format of exam is just as same as the ones given back in medschool in Russia, but without the tickets of questions. There are three questions given on the spot by a panel of specialists. The most important question is ECG of course. And all managements must follow the CPG (clinical practice guideline). Continue reading

Sarawak food

Sarawak has plenty of specialties, and one of them is the food. Malaysians love food… Heck, Malaysians are united by food. If there’s anything that 1Malaysia is good for, it’s good for the Malaysian food. Anything else, I don’t know.

Here are some food that you should taste once you are in Sarawak… Some food may look the same or have the same name but some stalls or restaurants are better than the others. So, you must have insider information on which one is good and which one is disgusting. Here are the foods you can’t get in the Peninsula…

century noodle

This is century noodle from Chilli Peppers restaurant… The noodle is crispy, tastes same like claypot noodle. Continue reading