Efenem’s 2010 wishes & resolutions

  1. Kick GOS exam’s ass
  2. Graduate on time
  3. Get a red diploma
  4. Lose a few more kilos to normal BMI
  5. Get 6-pack abs
  6. Бросать курение😉
  7. Get a brand new laptop
  8. Honda City
  9. Penthouse…. Condo also OK🙂
  10. An elliptical machine
  11. Be a houseman in ….🙂
  12. Saving someone’s life
  13. Still have a life outside housemanship and hospital
  14. Travel to Croatia
  15. Travel to Bosnia
  16. Travel to Montenegro
  17. Travel to Vladmir
  18. Travel to Kazan
  19. Snorkeling
  20. Scuba diving
  21. 200,000 blog hits

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