Labor room rush

I’m currently on Special Care Nursery (SCN) posting, which is a part of pediatric posting, but focuses more on neonates (newborns). This posting is a bit scattered and disorganized unlike in general pediatric, because I work in all places in pediatric wards, maternity wards, neonatal ICU, labor room.

Many people said they do like general pediatric posting more than neonatal SCN posting, but I do like SCN posting more. Why? No need to speak to parents, less ward rounds and more procedures. It’s not like I have a problem communicating with a patient’s relatives, but I like procedures more. I love the rush in the labor room and operation theater (attending cesarean sections); especially the part where I resuscitate the baby and that effort works out. It does feel pleasure to save someone’s life, or at least to sustain it a little longer. Oh, I so envy the O&G houseman in labor room who gets to do all the procedures and attending cesarean sections.

I have to attend to elective and emergency cesarean sections, some cases I can resuscitate myself, some complicated cases such as fetal anomaly need MO to attend. In labor room, cases such as MMSL (Moderate meconium stained liquor) or TMSL (thick meconium stained liquor) have to be attended by peds houseman, or any cases of stat referral when the baby born flat or not vigorous. This all requires NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) lessons and training, which proves to be very useful in an effort to resuscitate a newborn. After assessment by us houseman, we can then send the baby to either neonatal ICU (in case of persistent respiratory distress or some other indications), baby to mother in postnatal ward (for observation) or simply discharge from pediatric.

There are lots of procedures to learn in neonatal ICU such as CVL, chest tube, UAC, UVC, CBD insertion, intubation etc etc. This is the real stuff!

On the other note, I do notice there are lots of immigrants in Kuala Lumpur. And they’re breeding more offsprings! I don’t mean to be racist here, but if more Myanmar and Indonesian give birth to their kids here, means automatically the babies become citizens, and automatically the parents do not need to go back home wherever they’re from. It also means, in a few years, cultural integration will even be more difficult (come on, even now also already difficult despite 1Malaysia thingy!). They shall insist to have Myanmar schools, learn Myanmar language, celebrate Myanmar holidays and cultures, eating Myanmar foods etc etc (please note I’m not against Myanmar). So is our government heading towards the right direction, ah? Can do Myanmar, Indonesian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi racial integration with 1Malaysia?

3 thoughts on “Labor room rush

  1. That last sentences are just…so LOL. And true. I just presented a case of MVA of a Burmese in my special unit presentation last month. And there were also my collegues, presenting a Burmese preterm infant case…They are everywhere…1Malaysia is a wideworld thing.

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