MSA Snippets


When the MSA blog was first launched, very few people wrote comments. They have to be registered with google, blogger or other open IDs such as wordpress.

I requested the chief webmaster to open for anonymity. The reason is that the MSA wants to hear opinions, doesn’t matter from who. As you all already know, most of us can’t even spend 2 minutes of our lifetime for registration.

That is what happened last year and the year before. The forums are dead. The perfectly created website is unutilized. Reason: no one is interested because requires registration.

I know some anonymous comments are irresponsible. But some anons write good comments too. The webmaster’s job is to moderate irresponsible comments. Unless you have a point, shooting and bashing people in anonymity or without anonymity are never good to begin with.

The last thing MSA wants is the demise of the simple blog. Please write your comments responsibly.


International students union

I met with Kanayo yesterday. He is the incumbent president of the international students union of NNSMA.

The election of international students union will be held in a few weeks time. Nominations are needed. He said, not many Malaysians want to participate in the union. MSA advises Malaysian students of NNSMA to participate in the union to forward our interests.

Please send your nominations directly to Kanayo, or to me Faiz Najmi, or to the Vice President of MSA, Suvin. The posts that will be contested are:

President and Vice President, Secretary and Vice Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer, Sports and vice Sports and academic adviser.

Please make sure the nominees really want the posts in student’s union. It is a bummer if you nominated someone only to learn that the nomination is turned down.



Extra practical classes

There’s a lot of talk on extra practicals lately, particularly on the question of refund. I am sure some of you heard something from someone, but MSA will get confirmations.

Else, just wait till the meeting on 18th October 2008. I just hope that the Deans don’t get cold feet with the meeting.


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